Rise of the Collaborative Economy: Where what’s mine is yours, for a fee


Peggy Roe, The chief sales and marketing officer in Marriott’s Asia Pacific division, noticed a frustrating phenomenon. Roe knows that hotel conference rooms are underutilized, yet she often saw people searching Marriott’s lobbies and restaurants for a quiet spot to work. “I thought it was crazy that our guests couldn’t get easy access to our vacant spaces,” she says. So at her initiative, in 2012 Marriott partnered with LiquidSpace, an online platform that lets people quickly book flexible workspaces by the hour or day, testing the idea in 40 hotels in Washington, DC, and San Francisco. Currently 432 Marriott hotels have meeting spaces listed with LiquidSpace—and because many of the people reserving space aren’t guests, the arrangement helps Marriott reach new consumers. Marriott is just one example of many established company that’s starting to take a serious interest in the collaborative economy.

The collaborative economy is growing stronger day by day, it is considered the next phase of social business. Jeremiah Owyang defines “The Collaborative Economy is an economic model were ownership and access are shared between corporations, startups and people. This result in market efficiencies that bear new products, services and business growth”. It is also called the sharing economy

The collaborative economy is increasingly empowering customers, and encouraging a peer-to-peer network. Consumers are now using social technologies to share goods and services such as eBay, and Instagram. This is redefining the buyer-seller relationship, power is now being shifted to consumers, consumers now share products and services with each other.
The use of smartphones and easy Internet access has certainly helped with the rise of collaborative economy. Technology has reduced the cost of transaction, making sharing assets cheaper and easier, and also possible on a much larger scale, all you have to do is just go online or download an application. The biggest  advantage is the availability of more data about people and things, which allows physical assets and services to be shared. Before the internet, renting a surfboard, a power tool or a parking space, was usually more trouble than it was worth. Now websites such as Airbnb, and RelayRides connect owners and renters.
The collaborative economy is a good thing for several reasons; Owners make money from underused assets. Airbnb says users in San Francisco who rent out their homes do so for an average of 58 nights a year, making $9,300. Car owners who rent their vehicles to others using RelayRides make an average of $250 a month; some make more than $1,000. In her iconic TED speech, Rachel Botsman, author of “What’s Mine Is Yours”: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption, reported that the average total use of an electric drill is a mere 12 minutes”.
There are also environmental benefits, there is a growing awareness about the environmental impact of our consumption habits. Renting a car when you need it, rather than owning one, means fewer cars are required and fewer resources must be devoted to making them. Freecycle gifting, a website of used goods, states. “It is all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills”. Reselling, renting, co-owning or gifting maximizes usage and reduces the impact of physical goods that were once bought and discarded after limited use.
There is a big possibility for companies who don’t embrace collaborative economy to become disintermediated by customers who are empowered to transact directly with each other, which can result to revenue loss. Every car-sharing vehicle reduces car ownership by 9-13 vehicles, resulting to a revenue loss of at least $270,00 to an average auto manufacturer.Jeremiah Owyang believes companies must evolve their business models to avoid becoming disintermediated by customers who connect with each other.
In order for corporations to survive, they need to rethink their business models. With the Collaborative Value Chain, Owyang explains three ways companies can rethink their business models.
First Model: Evolve Business Model to a Company–as–a–service; Rather than sell goods in the traditional sense, companies should offer products or services on-demand or through a subscription model. Companies that adapt this model enjoy a long-term relationship with their customers, and also get their products into the hands of new customers. BMW has done this with its DriveNow electric car sharing program. BMW says this model allows them to sell one car nine times to sharers.
Second Model: Connect peer to peer buyers and sellers by motivating a marketplace; Companies must now foster a community around the brand enabling customers and partners to resell or co-purchase products, swap goods related to the brand, or even enable lending or gifting for no monetary exchange. This add a new value to transactions between companies and customers. Patagonia has used this in a partnership with eBay, where it encourages customers to buy used clothes and sell what they don’t need.
Third Model: Let them build on you by providing a platform; This is the co-innovation model. Companies must enable customers to build products and new services as partners, not just as consumers. A partnership between GE and Quirky allows people to submit ideas for products, while a team designs and manufactures them for retail. “Dyadic relationships are unstable. The best way to stabilize your relationship with customers is by creating a triad connecting you to customers and customers to each other. Empower your customers to create value together on your platform, under the banner of your brand. That’s the new of brand loyalty”. said Gorenflo, founder of Shareable.
There is a change in how we think about possessions, sharing is gradually replacing owning. “The collaborative economy could be as big as the Industrial Revolution in the way we think about ownership”. said Rachel Botsman, author of What’s Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption. As a small business owner myself, I can personally say, that I benefit from the collaborative economy. Even though, I have a website for my online clothing store, I have 3 marketplace stores; ebay, etsy, and storenvy, and I make more sales on each store, than what I make on my website. Oh yes, I utilize the collaborative economy very well, I will be stupid not to. Businesses have spent centuries making buying really easy, we are just at the beginning of making sharing easy. The sharing economy is not going anywhere, anytime soon, so keep calm, because sharing is caring.


I will probably say I am the biggest fan of Wikipedia, It has been my window of knowledge, I have found out many things through Wikipedia. The moment i need any information about celebrities, American history, definition of words, my use of Wikipedia is so wide, I can not start naming them all. It used to be my number one source of search engine, It has all the answers to your questions and it is fun to read. Eventhough, I found out few months ago that the information on Wikipedia are not always reliable, that did not stop me from using it.
Immigrating to a country where I have so much to learn about, any source of information was good enough me. I still make use of Wikipedia alot, I just go the extra mile to verify the information and sources, especially if I am using it for a research paper.
I was excited when I found out that I could edit and add my own information on Wikipedia, what they forgot to tell me was how hard it was. I went ahead to create a user name for myself on Wikipedia, and I had a topic I was going  to write about, but I started getting confused when I got to the part when I started reading the tutorials on how to create a Wikipedia page.
Mennh!!!!, It is so hard. There was so much inforamtion and you had to memorize everything. I was hoping a page as easily accessible as Wikipedia should be also easy to use. I now have the outtermost respect for those who post things on Wikipedia, it is so much hardwork. I am so ashamed to say I could not add anything to Wikipedia, I guess the fact that I can create an html index page, does not make me a good programmer. The good part is, I have created a username name, I can always go back to edit and add information on a Wikipedia page, or maybe better create a page, I will be working on that during the summer break, and  I promise to keep you all posted.


I do not know why i have not gotten hold of how to use Tweeter. I have tried everything possible just to find out how it works, but I still do not get it. I have watched youtube videos and i just end up getting confused more and more. According to Dibbel, I guess I am not the last human alive who does not get the point of Twitter.
The first time, I signed up for a Tweeter account was a year ago. It was right after I had my son, and my baby brother in Nigeria asked me if I had a Tweeter account, when I said No, he laughed and said I needed one. So, i decided to create one and I started following two friends and some parenting pages who also followed back. You can not blame me for following parenting pages, I was a new mom and I needed all the information i could get in order to become a great mom.
The moment i started getting posts on twitter, i just realised it was so hard for me to understand. I just did not understand how the messages were being posted, and i found it really difficult to read them. So I abandoned my twitter page and i have not gone back to it since then.
I actually know Twitter is the current widely used social network at the moment, with alot of celebrities posting pictures and recent news and stories. If you want to know what is really trending at the moment all you need to do is be on Twitter, you can also promote your business on Twitter.
It is so funny that most of my friends in Nigeria are hardly on Facebook because Twitter is trending. A friend actually posted a message on Facebook saying “if you are still using Facebook and not on Twitter, you are outdated”.
Some people on Facebook are able to post their Tweets on facebook, and whenever my friends post there Tweets on facebook, i actually skip there posts, because I have tried several times to read them and I never get it. Dibbell said ” What if the reason no one’s figured out why Twitter matters is that it’s bigger, in fact, than anyone’s imagining”, probably it is, but until when someone prove to me that it is, I am staying away from it, I just don’t see the point of 140 characters. Twitter??? Thanks but no thanks, you can call me outdated, but i will just stick to Facebook.

The Fulfilling Journey

The past few months have been a long rough one, but equally fulfilling. Classes have been hard and rough, but at the sametime i have gained alot, I have come a long way from that naive woman from Nigeria that knows little or nothing about technology. I have widen my horizions not only in the aspect of technology, but also in the aspect of education in general.

COMM 200, is one class i look forward to every week, the content i learn in the class every week is something new and different, at the same time the class is very enganging. Every week a class member participates in the class with their own technological ideas. The lecturer Dr. Coffman made the class engaging by giving each stundent the chance to participate through class discussion, group leadership discussion and also through the media articfacts. I being a vey shy person, I find it very diffficult to talk in class, but in a class like this, where there is alot to say and contribute to, i break out of the shy world. Because of the difference in culture, I stand out in class and for this class it is for the best, I have the opportunity to enlighten fellow stundents about how the difference in culture, can as well affect the use of technology.

I look back at my first blog post and I remember the reading by Rushkoff Programmed or be Programmed”, and i can remember myself arguing strongly that i do not need to be a programmer, that i am satisfied with being programmed, I take it all back. Creating my own personal html index page made me realize that it is really not that hard to know the few basic things about programming. I never thought, i will learn how to create an html page or post a video on youtube, even having a blog page is a dream, that i thought was far from coming true.

You really can not blame me, I come from a country  (Nigeria) where only 10 percent of the stundents own a laptop and only 1 out of 10 lecturers owned a laptop, owning a laptop was a luxury, and even if you owned one you hardly have internet access on it. I was one of the lucky ones that owned a laptop, but i only used one program on it, that was “Microsoft Word”, i used it to type my assignments. Because of this limitations the opportunity to explore technology was limited. Most of the time I am always on Facebook or chatting through Yahoo Messenger, I am actually not the only one doing that, most of the stuundents in Nigeria do that also, our knowledge of the internet is very limited.

My first time hearing of  Delicious or Google reader was in this class, i never knew they existed, and i never realised how easy it is it for you to have all your information from different sources in one place and you can have easy acess to it when you need it. In this class i have learnt alot about the internet and how unlimited the possibilities are, to me this is just the begining of exploring a new world of possibilities.

I am glad I took this class, not only did i gain a lot of educational benefits, i also learnt to be a good team player. I still insist we are over using the powers of the internet, we need to limit the information we put on the internet, everything and anything can be hacked. I also strongly disagree with the use of avaters and the internet for meetings, if it is possible for you to be present in person, then be there. We are humans and we still need to act like one, you will learn a lot more about a person if you meet them in person. I had the opportunity to take online classes, it is more convenient for me, being a new mom that way i can be with my son most of the time, but i will rather be in class interact one on one with other stundents and my lecturers.

This is the begining of exploring a new world, and i am ready to explore the unknown and the possibilities. I can now go on vacation to Nigeria and be proud to teach them more about the possibilities of the internet, thank u Dr. Coffman for making that possible.

Making the Impossible…. Possible

I woke up this morning feeling very lazy and tired, all i just wanted to do was lay in bed and stay there all day, but i couldn’t do that, i had to go to school. So, i got off bed went to the washroom and decided to play some music to lift up my spirit,  it always work for me. As i got into the shower and the water started running, the volume of the music reduced, the sound of the running shower was too loud that it overpowered the sound of the music.

I then thought to myself won’t it be wonderful if I can have an ipod that is waterproof, that way i can have my ear plugs in my ears and listen to my music as loud as i want it to be in the shower. The thought of a waterproff ipod opened up my imagination to great ideas and the future of thechnology.

Coming from Nigeria where there is a lot of traffic, u can be stuck in traffic for over 2 hours, just to embark on a one mile journey, and it is highly frustrating. Having a car like the one below will do the magic, you can just go above every other cars and get to your destination faster. I would have thought of a flying car, but a flying car won’t help, that is why we have planes. I want a car not a plane, i just want a super car.

Another big change in technology i am looking  forward to is a mobile, the one used by mums to listen and keep an eye on their babies. The mobile available at the moment can only cover a distance of few feet, I want a mobile that can cover at least the distance of 5 miles. Being a new mum, I am constantly thinking of my son when i am not around him, if I am able to keep an eye on my son all the time it will be a relief.

Technology grows larger and more creative day by day, we look forward to a lot of innovative ideas. We moved from the time when we did not have cell phones and all we had were pagers, now we have smartphones. Technology is getting better day  by day.


It took me a longtime to figure out what i want to research about, i wanted to research about something i will love to talk about and also something that would make an impact. I am glad; i took my time.

The rise of the Internet has brought about a lot of positive changes and developments, but it has also brought about a lot of problems. One of those problems is Child Pornography. Child Pornography, is one of the major issues all over the world, and the Internet is one of the biggest medium of sharing this horrible habit.

Two years ago, i didn’t know anything like child pornography existed, I knew about pornography, but didn’t know there was pornography with kids as the victims. I knew a lot about the shameful act of child molestation; it is actually a major problem in Nigeria (where I come from). You have older man having sex with children as young as 10 months old, disgusting, i know. The horrible part is their get away with it, because it is either the kid is too young or too scared to tell, or when the parents find out, they are too ashamed to report it. In a country, where one of the senators married a 13year old and got away with it, what do you expect will happen to an ordinary citizen, the same. This is a link to the story about the Nigerian senator http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/8651043.stm

Anyway, when i moved to the United States two years ago, I got addicted to television, and one of my favorite shows is Law and Order (Special Victim Unit). I totally love solving crimes; Law and Order (SVU) has a lot of episodes about child pornography and child molesters; that got me interested in the issue, and i have been since then.

Researching about this topic was fun for me. I decided to start my research with Google; I am so in love with Google, since the day i discovered about google, i go on it all the time, when i need an answer to something (i feel it got all the answers). I totally disagree with Nicholas Carr; Google is not making us stupid; it is actually making us smarter. I feel Google is so straight forward; all i need to do is type in what i need to know about and just like magic, I have my answer. I don’t need to go through a lot of rigorous pages of reading a textbook, before getting my answer. You will probably say I am lazy, i will say i am just saving time. Google is so widely used in most parts of the wide world, even in under developed African countries. In Nigeria, Google is so widely used, that there is a joke being cracked about it. Whenever, someone ask a question, and it sounds ridiculous; they tell you to ask google.

Then i went ahead to search for other research sources on Google Scholar. I didn’t know about Google Scholar before this class; they are so many things I don’t know about the Internet (that is why i am taking this class).

My search engine was the LUC library; I am a little bit familiar with searching for resources through the library website. It was not a problem to get articles and resources talking about Child Pornography. I also used Youtube for this research, i like a lot of visuals, youtube was the best place for me to get my visuals.


This link will be my first source, if I should write a paper about this. It defines Child Pornography, and talks about all the basic information you need to know about Child Pornography. It gives information about the crime, the laws against it, the medium, the victims and the predators.

Another link that will also be a very good source is http://books.google.com/books?hl=en&lr=&id=No-oUrLizYkC&oi=fnd&pg=PR7&dq=child+pornography&ots=jCF3Yx556y&sig=PJxZNqxH52-KHlVnZNv1bteik5E#v=onepage&q=child%20pornography&f=false this is actually part of a book, that i found on google scholar. The book is called ” Child Pornography: an internet crime” by Maxwell Taylor, Ethel Quayle. Taylor and Quayle, in this book talk about how child pornography is becoming popular and at also how the society is not doing enough to stop it, this reminds me of Alice E. Marwick’s article, “To Catch a Predator? The MySpace Moral Panic” http:/www.uic.edu/htbin/cgiwrap/bin/ojs/index.php/fm/article/view/2152/1966 I personally also think; enough is not being done to stop children from being victimized through the Internet.

This is a link; that gave me brief introduction about a book called “Big Porn Inc Exposing the Harms of the Global Pornography Industry by Bray,Abigail http://pegasus.luc.edu/vwebv/holdingsInfo?searchId=19&recCount=25&recPointer=0&bibId=1727255 . This book discuss pornography, and how the society dismiss the issue, claiming it is just a form of moral panic and antisex, not realising that this is an industry that is involved in violence and crime. Finally, this video on youtube sums everything up.

This video explains how easily accessible child porn is, and how they are widely and openly shared on the Internet, even on facebook.

Child Pornography is a major problem in the society and should be stopped, you should please report any form of child pornography you come across.

Once these images are on the Internet, they are irretrievable and can continue to circulate forever. The child is revictimized as the images are viewed again and again. PLEASE HELP STOP CHILD PORNOGRAPHY.


Oh Yes, I love Facebook. It is the only social network, that I actually have fun being on. I have a twitter account, but I can’t remember my username, it just seem too confusing. But Facebook, have been my all time favourite, I literally get on Facebook every hour, it is almost an addiction. I actually did not realise its importance, until I moved to the United States about two years ago, I can easily get in touch with family and friends in Nigeria, also share pictures and talk about daily life. I don’t have to spend a whole lot of money, to stay in touch.

Another amazing thing about this wonderful world called Facebook, is that I can find long-lost friends, I have been able to find friends that I haven’t seen in 20 years. The part I enjoy most is actually looking through pictures, and also sharing pictures. Facebook is my news room, comedy centre, music room, fashion blog, it is an all round entertainment room for me. If I want to know what is trending at the moment, all I need to do is go on Facebook.

As much as Facebook is known for so many positive things, it is also known for its negative things. I have not in any way, have any negative impact with Facebook, but I have heard of those who have. Facebook have been used as a medium of victimization, and also as a medium of infidelity. Cyber bully is a big issue at the moment, and Facebook is one of the biggest medium of cyber bullying and pornography, social network media in general.

My Aunt will not let her 16-year-old son, to have his own personal email address, not to talk of a Facebook or MySpace account. I sought of get her point and where she is coming from, a lot of kids get carried away with this social networking sites and end up causing a lot of damage to themselves. The first time, I asked someone about MySpace, the response I got was, it is pornographic, that is from someone who has a MySpace account. I don’t have a MySpace account, and have no plans to have one, I am satisfied with my Facebook account. My cousin is going to college soon, and he will be far away from home, I wonder how my aunt will stop him from having a Facebook account then. I don’t think stopping kids from having the access to the internet is the key, teaching them how to be smart and responsible when using the internet is the key.

A lot of relationships have been created through Facebook, same way a lot of relationships have been broken,through Facebook, a lot of people have been caught cheating on their partners through Facebook, I know, I have caught my spouse several times, and I also know friends who complain about the same thing, and who also want their spouse to close his or her Facebook account. I actually don’t think that’s a reasonable suggestion, if he or she does that, he or she will lose a lot of contacts and friends.

Another issue with any social media or the internet in general, is nudity, a lot of nude pictures are trending on the internet, most especially Facebook. I have said it in my earlier blogs, we put too much information on the internet most of the time, information that we can’t take back, once it is there, it is there. We are humans, we tend to say a lot sometimes, but we should be careful of what we say, especially when a lot of people can have access to it.

Even public figures, celebs, and politicians also tend to make the mistake of putting too much on the web. Recently CNN commentator Ronald Martin, was suspended for his tweet about David Beckham’s super bowl H&M underwear ad, he said “If a dude at your Super Bowl party is hyped about David Beckham’s H&M underwear ad, smack the ish out of him!”. You can get more information about the story from this link, http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/02/roland-martin-suspended-by-cnn-over-offensive-tweets/. Also in the case of former New York congress man Anthony Weiner’s tweet of sending a picture of his pelvis to a college student, this is a link to the story,http://www.vanityfair.com/online/daily/2011/05/anthony-weiners-twitter-scandal-new-york-congressman-claims-account-was-hacked. Although Weiner claims to be hacked, the point is such information should not be on the web in the first place, we humans get carried away and put too much on the web. Both Martin and Weiner created a scandal that will take a long time to wipe away.

With the issue of hacking, I am one of those people who believe that hacking is bad, that every hacker is a criminal, trying to steal your personal information. It was a huge surprise for me to read Turner’s chapter, and find out that people like Steve Job’s was in the hackers community, and they actually held meetings and conferences to talk about hacking. It is just really scary how hacking is now causing a lot of damage to people, credit card information stolen, social security number and many other personal information stolen. The Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson had her computer hacked and nude pictures of her was linked on the internet, this was a big scandal, that almost ruined her career.

I watch the series Law and Order: Special Victims Unit a lot, and it is shocking how much sexual predators are on the web. Even though, this is just a television series, I believe there is a whole lot of truth in the stories. I think a lot of indecent things are going on online, people are just not reporting it. The Alice E. Marwick’s article, talks a lot about this issue, and I think the government are neglecting this issues, there is more the government and the people can do about this.

Lives have been saved through Facebook, friends have been made, relationships have been built, but at the same time, lives have been destroyed, relationships broken, jobs lost through the same medium. So is Facebook a necessary evil? I will say YES!!! Lol…, I am addicted to it, I really don’t want it going anywhere. But we all can control what we put and do on the web.