Are we being programmed?

I hardly use the computer or most of the applications on my phone, I only check my email, and Facebook, every other social network or application is useless to me, I ask myself what do I need it for? Everything i need, i get on my email and if i need more, i can get it on Facebook, so why do i need to make things complicated for myself? I don’t see a reason for a twitter account, why would i want to follow you, but that’s just my opinion.

I think the technology has been overrated, don’t get me wrong, it is a good development and it has made things easier, but right now it is becoming more of a menace, it is making us lazy, and have left little or no room for interpersonal communication. I see no reason why you will want to have a meeting through an avatar, when you just have to drive ten or fifteen minutes down to the location. There is a lot a one on one conversation can do, you see each others expression, you can see the genuine expression and honesty in body movements, tone, something as little as eye twitching says a lot about a person, why do we want to let that go, just for the pleasure of spending a lot of time at home and getting over weight.

Probably, I don’t get the use of technology or the computer, because of my background, I didn’t touch a computer until about 10 years ago, and then I had to pay a huge sum of money to get to use the internet at a cafe, so I wasn’t so eager to use it, it was then, but it is just over rated now, I now have a smart phone and I still don’t get it. I think, I should understand it better because I am married to a software developer that spends hours on the phone talking to clients about computer programing, but I don’t.

That brings me to the introduction of Douglas Rushkoff book “Program or be Programmed”, I don’t want to know how to create a computer software, I don’t want to be a programmer, apart from the fact that it sounds really boring (trust me I know, I spend hours with someone who talks about it all day), I have my own passion and learning about the core knowledge of programming is not one of it, the basics is enough for me.

I believe we are giving technology too much power, I think we are taking the use of the computer too far, it is scary when you see the amount of people who are obsessed with technology, it makes us believe we can multi task, actually we can, but it makes us slower, do we want that? I don’t want to wake up one morning and find out my computer is telling me what to do, my smart phone, is actually really acting smart with me. I want to be in control, and the only way I can be in control, is if I give the computer less power, and that is giving it little information. 

I am the programmer, I shouldn’t be programmed by a computer or technology, we survived without it for years, we can still survive without it now.


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