Oh Yes, I love Facebook. It is the only social network, that I actually have fun being on. I have a twitter account, but I can’t remember my username, it just seem too confusing. But Facebook, have been my all time favourite, I literally get on Facebook every hour, it is almost an addiction. I actually did not realise its importance, until I moved to the United States about two years ago, I can easily get in touch with family and friends in Nigeria, also share pictures and talk about daily life. I don’t have to spend a whole lot of money, to stay in touch.

Another amazing thing about this wonderful world called Facebook, is that I can find long-lost friends, I have been able to find friends that I haven’t seen in 20 years. The part I enjoy most is actually looking through pictures, and also sharing pictures. Facebook is my news room, comedy centre, music room, fashion blog, it is an all round entertainment room for me. If I want to know what is trending at the moment, all I need to do is go on Facebook.

As much as Facebook is known for so many positive things, it is also known for its negative things. I have not in any way, have any negative impact with Facebook, but I have heard of those who have. Facebook have been used as a medium of victimization, and also as a medium of infidelity. Cyber bully is a big issue at the moment, and Facebook is one of the biggest medium of cyber bullying and pornography, social network media in general.

My Aunt will not let her 16-year-old son, to have his own personal email address, not to talk of a Facebook or MySpace account. I sought of get her point and where she is coming from, a lot of kids get carried away with this social networking sites and end up causing a lot of damage to themselves. The first time, I asked someone about MySpace, the response I got was, it is pornographic, that is from someone who has a MySpace account. I don’t have a MySpace account, and have no plans to have one, I am satisfied with my Facebook account. My cousin is going to college soon, and he will be far away from home, I wonder how my aunt will stop him from having a Facebook account then. I don’t think stopping kids from having the access to the internet is the key, teaching them how to be smart and responsible when using the internet is the key.

A lot of relationships have been created through Facebook, same way a lot of relationships have been broken,through Facebook, a lot of people have been caught cheating on their partners through Facebook, I know, I have caught my spouse several times, and I also know friends who complain about the same thing, and who also want their spouse to close his or her Facebook account. I actually don’t think that’s a reasonable suggestion, if he or she does that, he or she will lose a lot of contacts and friends.

Another issue with any social media or the internet in general, is nudity, a lot of nude pictures are trending on the internet, most especially Facebook. I have said it in my earlier blogs, we put too much information on the internet most of the time, information that we can’t take back, once it is there, it is there. We are humans, we tend to say a lot sometimes, but we should be careful of what we say, especially when a lot of people can have access to it.

Even public figures, celebs, and politicians also tend to make the mistake of putting too much on the web. Recently CNN commentator Ronald Martin, was suspended for his tweet about David Beckham’s super bowl H&M underwear ad, he said “If a dude at your Super Bowl party is hyped about David Beckham’s H&M underwear ad, smack the ish out of him!”. You can get more information about the story from this link, http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/02/roland-martin-suspended-by-cnn-over-offensive-tweets/. Also in the case of former New York congress man Anthony Weiner’s tweet of sending a picture of his pelvis to a college student, this is a link to the story,http://www.vanityfair.com/online/daily/2011/05/anthony-weiners-twitter-scandal-new-york-congressman-claims-account-was-hacked. Although Weiner claims to be hacked, the point is such information should not be on the web in the first place, we humans get carried away and put too much on the web. Both Martin and Weiner created a scandal that will take a long time to wipe away.

With the issue of hacking, I am one of those people who believe that hacking is bad, that every hacker is a criminal, trying to steal your personal information. It was a huge surprise for me to read Turner’s chapter, and find out that people like Steve Job’s was in the hackers community, and they actually held meetings and conferences to talk about hacking. It is just really scary how hacking is now causing a lot of damage to people, credit card information stolen, social security number and many other personal information stolen. The Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson had her computer hacked and nude pictures of her was linked on the internet, this was a big scandal, that almost ruined her career.

I watch the series Law and Order: Special Victims Unit a lot, and it is shocking how much sexual predators are on the web. Even though, this is just a television series, I believe there is a whole lot of truth in the stories. I think a lot of indecent things are going on online, people are just not reporting it. The Alice E. Marwick’s article, talks a lot about this issue, and I think the government are neglecting this issues, there is more the government and the people can do about this.

Lives have been saved through Facebook, friends have been made, relationships have been built, but at the same time, lives have been destroyed, relationships broken, jobs lost through the same medium. So is Facebook a necessary evil? I will say YES!!! Lol…, I am addicted to it, I really don’t want it going anywhere. But we all can control what we put and do on the web.


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