It took me a longtime to figure out what i want to research about, i wanted to research about something i will love to talk about and also something that would make an impact. I am glad; i took my time.

The rise of the Internet has brought about a lot of positive changes and developments, but it has also brought about a lot of problems. One of those problems is Child Pornography. Child Pornography, is one of the major issues all over the world, and the Internet is one of the biggest medium of sharing this horrible habit.

Two years ago, i didn’t know anything like child pornography existed, I knew about pornography, but didn’t know there was pornography with kids as the victims. I knew a lot about the shameful act of child molestation; it is actually a major problem in Nigeria (where I come from). You have older man having sex with children as young as 10 months old, disgusting, i know. The horrible part is their get away with it, because it is either the kid is too young or too scared to tell, or when the parents find out, they are too ashamed to report it. In a country, where one of the senators married a 13year old and got away with it, what do you expect will happen to an ordinary citizen, the same. This is a link to the story about the Nigerian senator

Anyway, when i moved to the United States two years ago, I got addicted to television, and one of my favorite shows is Law and Order (Special Victim Unit). I totally love solving crimes; Law and Order (SVU) has a lot of episodes about child pornography and child molesters; that got me interested in the issue, and i have been since then.

Researching about this topic was fun for me. I decided to start my research with Google; I am so in love with Google, since the day i discovered about google, i go on it all the time, when i need an answer to something (i feel it got all the answers). I totally disagree with Nicholas Carr; Google is not making us stupid; it is actually making us smarter. I feel Google is so straight forward; all i need to do is type in what i need to know about and just like magic, I have my answer. I don’t need to go through a lot of rigorous pages of reading a textbook, before getting my answer. You will probably say I am lazy, i will say i am just saving time. Google is so widely used in most parts of the wide world, even in under developed African countries. In Nigeria, Google is so widely used, that there is a joke being cracked about it. Whenever, someone ask a question, and it sounds ridiculous; they tell you to ask google.

Then i went ahead to search for other research sources on Google Scholar. I didn’t know about Google Scholar before this class; they are so many things I don’t know about the Internet (that is why i am taking this class).

My search engine was the LUC library; I am a little bit familiar with searching for resources through the library website. It was not a problem to get articles and resources talking about Child Pornography. I also used Youtube for this research, i like a lot of visuals, youtube was the best place for me to get my visuals.

This link will be my first source, if I should write a paper about this. It defines Child Pornography, and talks about all the basic information you need to know about Child Pornography. It gives information about the crime, the laws against it, the medium, the victims and the predators.

Another link that will also be a very good source is this is actually part of a book, that i found on google scholar. The book is called ” Child Pornography: an internet crime” by Maxwell Taylor, Ethel Quayle. Taylor and Quayle, in this book talk about how child pornography is becoming popular and at also how the society is not doing enough to stop it, this reminds me of Alice E. Marwick’s article, “To Catch a Predator? The MySpace Moral Panic” http:/ I personally also think; enough is not being done to stop children from being victimized through the Internet.

This is a link; that gave me brief introduction about a book called “Big Porn Inc Exposing the Harms of the Global Pornography Industry by Bray,Abigail . This book discuss pornography, and how the society dismiss the issue, claiming it is just a form of moral panic and antisex, not realising that this is an industry that is involved in violence and crime. Finally, this video on youtube sums everything up.

This video explains how easily accessible child porn is, and how they are widely and openly shared on the Internet, even on facebook.

Child Pornography is a major problem in the society and should be stopped, you should please report any form of child pornography you come across.

Once these images are on the Internet, they are irretrievable and can continue to circulate forever. The child is revictimized as the images are viewed again and again. PLEASE HELP STOP CHILD PORNOGRAPHY.


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