Making the Impossible…. Possible

I woke up this morning feeling very lazy and tired, all i just wanted to do was lay in bed and stay there all day, but i couldn’t do that, i had to go to school. So, i got off bed went to the washroom and decided to play some music to lift up my spirit,  it always work for me. As i got into the shower and the water started running, the volume of the music reduced, the sound of the running shower was too loud that it overpowered the sound of the music.

I then thought to myself won’t it be wonderful if I can have an ipod that is waterproof, that way i can have my ear plugs in my ears and listen to my music as loud as i want it to be in the shower. The thought of a waterproff ipod opened up my imagination to great ideas and the future of thechnology.

Coming from Nigeria where there is a lot of traffic, u can be stuck in traffic for over 2 hours, just to embark on a one mile journey, and it is highly frustrating. Having a car like the one below will do the magic, you can just go above every other cars and get to your destination faster. I would have thought of a flying car, but a flying car won’t help, that is why we have planes. I want a car not a plane, i just want a super car.

Another big change in technology i am looking  forward to is a mobile, the one used by mums to listen and keep an eye on their babies. The mobile available at the moment can only cover a distance of few feet, I want a mobile that can cover at least the distance of 5 miles. Being a new mum, I am constantly thinking of my son when i am not around him, if I am able to keep an eye on my son all the time it will be a relief.

Technology grows larger and more creative day by day, we look forward to a lot of innovative ideas. We moved from the time when we did not have cell phones and all we had were pagers, now we have smartphones. Technology is getting better day  by day.


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