The Fulfilling Journey

The past few months have been a long rough one, but equally fulfilling. Classes have been hard and rough, but at the sametime i have gained alot, I have come a long way from that naive woman from Nigeria that knows little or nothing about technology. I have widen my horizions not only in the aspect of technology, but also in the aspect of education in general.

COMM 200, is one class i look forward to every week, the content i learn in the class every week is something new and different, at the same time the class is very enganging. Every week a class member participates in the class with their own technological ideas. The lecturer Dr. Coffman made the class engaging by giving each stundent the chance to participate through class discussion, group leadership discussion and also through the media articfacts. I being a vey shy person, I find it very diffficult to talk in class, but in a class like this, where there is alot to say and contribute to, i break out of the shy world. Because of the difference in culture, I stand out in class and for this class it is for the best, I have the opportunity to enlighten fellow stundents about how the difference in culture, can as well affect the use of technology.

I look back at my first blog post and I remember the reading by Rushkoff Programmed or be Programmed”, and i can remember myself arguing strongly that i do not need to be a programmer, that i am satisfied with being programmed, I take it all back. Creating my own personal html index page made me realize that it is really not that hard to know the few basic things about programming. I never thought, i will learn how to create an html page or post a video on youtube, even having a blog page is a dream, that i thought was far from coming true.

You really can not blame me, I come from a country  (Nigeria) where only 10 percent of the stundents own a laptop and only 1 out of 10 lecturers owned a laptop, owning a laptop was a luxury, and even if you owned one you hardly have internet access on it. I was one of the lucky ones that owned a laptop, but i only used one program on it, that was “Microsoft Word”, i used it to type my assignments. Because of this limitations the opportunity to explore technology was limited. Most of the time I am always on Facebook or chatting through Yahoo Messenger, I am actually not the only one doing that, most of the stuundents in Nigeria do that also, our knowledge of the internet is very limited.

My first time hearing of  Delicious or Google reader was in this class, i never knew they existed, and i never realised how easy it is it for you to have all your information from different sources in one place and you can have easy acess to it when you need it. In this class i have learnt alot about the internet and how unlimited the possibilities are, to me this is just the begining of exploring a new world of possibilities.

I am glad I took this class, not only did i gain a lot of educational benefits, i also learnt to be a good team player. I still insist we are over using the powers of the internet, we need to limit the information we put on the internet, everything and anything can be hacked. I also strongly disagree with the use of avaters and the internet for meetings, if it is possible for you to be present in person, then be there. We are humans and we still need to act like one, you will learn a lot more about a person if you meet them in person. I had the opportunity to take online classes, it is more convenient for me, being a new mom that way i can be with my son most of the time, but i will rather be in class interact one on one with other stundents and my lecturers.

This is the begining of exploring a new world, and i am ready to explore the unknown and the possibilities. I can now go on vacation to Nigeria and be proud to teach them more about the possibilities of the internet, thank u Dr. Coffman for making that possible.


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