I do not know why i have not gotten hold of how to use Tweeter. I have tried everything possible just to find out how it works, but I still do not get it. I have watched youtube videos and i just end up getting confused more and more. According to Dibbel, I guess I am not the last human alive who does not get the point of Twitter.
The first time, I signed up for a Tweeter account was a year ago. It was right after I had my son, and my baby brother in Nigeria asked me if I had a Tweeter account, when I said No, he laughed and said I needed one. So, i decided to create one and I started following two friends and some parenting pages who also followed back. You can not blame me for following parenting pages, I was a new mom and I needed all the information i could get in order to become a great mom.
The moment i started getting posts on twitter, i just realised it was so hard for me to understand. I just did not understand how the messages were being posted, and i found it really difficult to read them. So I abandoned my twitter page and i have not gone back to it since then.
I actually know Twitter is the current widely used social network at the moment, with alot of celebrities posting pictures and recent news and stories. If you want to know what is really trending at the moment all you need to do is be on Twitter, you can also promote your business on Twitter.
It is so funny that most of my friends in Nigeria are hardly on Facebook because Twitter is trending. A friend actually posted a message on Facebook saying “if you are still using Facebook and not on Twitter, you are outdated”.
Some people on Facebook are able to post their Tweets on facebook, and whenever my friends post there Tweets on facebook, i actually skip there posts, because I have tried several times to read them and I never get it. Dibbell said ” What if the reason no one’s figured out why Twitter matters is that it’s bigger, in fact, than anyone’s imagining”, probably it is, but until when someone prove to me that it is, I am staying away from it, I just don’t see the point of 140 characters. Twitter??? Thanks but no thanks, you can call me outdated, but i will just stick to Facebook.


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