I will probably say I am the biggest fan of Wikipedia, It has been my window of knowledge, I have found out many things through Wikipedia. The moment i need any information about celebrities, American history, definition of words, my use of Wikipedia is so wide, I can not start naming them all. It used to be my number one source of search engine, It has all the answers to your questions and it is fun to read. Eventhough, I found out few months ago that the information on Wikipedia are not always reliable, that did not stop me from using it.
Immigrating to a country where I have so much to learn about, any source of information was good enough me. I still make use of Wikipedia alot, I just go the extra mile to verify the information and sources, especially if I am using it for a research paper.
I was excited when I found out that I could edit and add my own information on Wikipedia, what they forgot to tell me was how hard it was. I went ahead to create a user name for myself on Wikipedia, and I had a topic I was going  to write about, but I started getting confused when I got to the part when I started reading the tutorials on how to create a Wikipedia page.
Mennh!!!!, It is so hard. There was so much inforamtion and you had to memorize everything. I was hoping a page as easily accessible as Wikipedia should be also easy to use. I now have the outtermost respect for those who post things on Wikipedia, it is so much hardwork. I am so ashamed to say I could not add anything to Wikipedia, I guess the fact that I can create an html index page, does not make me a good programmer. The good part is, I have created a username name, I can always go back to edit and add information on a Wikipedia page, or maybe better create a page, I will be working on that during the summer break, and  I promise to keep you all posted.


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